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S. Pätsi Racing

S. Pätsi Racing is specialized in motor sports. Our team has over 20 years of experience in snowmobiling, snowmobile service and snowmobile safaris. We race in enduro and sprint series and have won several races, including Finnish Championships. 

Snowmobile rentals

You'll always find the latest models and best snowmobiles from us. Rental fee includes the snowmobile, driving gear and insurance. Gas and oil not included. In case of an accidence, your liability fee is 500 €. 

Snowmobile rental prices

Snowmobile safaris & ice rallying

We know all the routes in Ruka and Kuusamo area and take you and your group to the most scenic spots! Or you can join our exotic ice driving experience on an ice driving course with BMW 325 in Kurkijärvi. 

Snowmobile safaris   Ice rally