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Туристический Центр Оуланка

Brooks gushing, rivers rushing and the roar of the waterfall. The sound of flowing water is the heartbeat of Oulanka National Park. Here, all types of hikers travel through time and seasons. The new exhibition "In the Middle Flows the River" and the 15 minutes long nature film "The Kingdom of Four Seasons" bring wild nature within the reach of visitors indoors. Oulanka Visitor Centre is open throughout the year.

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Oulanka Visitor Centre leads visitors to spectacular riverside landscapes, unforgettable experiences and to the finest scenery. We will provide you with information on Oulanka National Park's rushing waterfalls, the legendary Karhunkierros Trail and our range of facilities throughout the park. Start your nature adventure at the Oulanka Visitor Centre! Nature can be explored all year-round in many different ways: on your own or on guided hikes, snowshoeing, canoeing or fishing. Oulanka National Park offers a wide range of paths for exploring and even on short day trips visitors will be able to experience the most beautiful places of Oulanka.

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The restaurant Ravintola Talonpöytä Oulanka at Oulanka Visitor Centre offers cafeteria and lunch services.  The restaurant is open from February to October. Check the opening hours here. Meals for groups can be ordered by phone (tel. +358 40 839 1308) or e-mail (info@talonpoyta.fi).

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